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20 Reasons Why AMPTECH Has The Advantage!

  • AMPTECH® Alternators are Hand Made in AMERICA by Americans.

  • AMPTECH® 100,000 Miles or 12 Months warranty on all Code3, 'Le' and 'Se' Series products vs. the industry standard 12,000 miles or 12 months.  At AMPTECH® we don't feel you should be penalized for using your vehicle.

  • AMPTECH® products are Marine Certified to Coast Guard and B.I.A standards for those power users that take to the water.

  • AMPTECH® alternators produce more amps at lower RPM than OEM alternators to give you output where you need it most, while delivering higher output as the RPM increases for faster battery recovery and charging power.

  • AMPTECH® alternators have precision machined lathed rotor pole shoes and slip rings for greater conductivity and optimum current transfer at high RPM.

  • AMPTECH® alternators have specially designed and precision milled stators featuring high tempature Dacron Mylar blend stator insulators vs. the industry standard paper used in other alternators.

  • AMPTECH® alternators feature the exclusive AMPTECH® "COOL COIL" hand wound stators which use heavy gauge magnet wire for higher sustained current with cooler operation. 

  • AMPTECH® Code3 and 'L' Series alternators break away from the competition by using ultra heavy duty 11 and 12 gauge magnet wire respectively, another exclusive found only in AMPTECH® large case alternators. 

  • The 'S' Series uses heavy duty 14 gauge magnet wire vs. the light duty 15 gauge magnet wire used in mechanical wound OEM stators.

  • AMPTECH® alternators have "E" quality high performance heavy duty bearings packed with high temperature grease.

  • AMPTECH® High Performance alternators are equipped with Motorola spec heavy duty 50 amp press fit diodes compared to the 30 amp button diodes used in most alternators.  Motorola spec diode features:  Eliminate Reverse Idle Current drain on the vehicle battery; Can withstand constant forward currents of 50 amps per diode; Have a non repetitive Peak Surge Current of 600 amps;  A Peak Reverse Voltage rating of 200 volts and have a rated performance up to 302ºF.  The AMPTECH® Code3 alternators are equipped with (24) 50 amp diodes; the 'L' Series have (18) 50 amp diodes and the 'S' Series have (6) 50 amp diodes.

  • AMPTECH® Code3 and 'L' Series alternators feature the exclusive AMPTECH® "COOL FLOW" heatsink designed for unequaled diode cooling.  Increased mass, deep finned surface area and exclusive turbo slot air channel design gives added cooling to the rotor and stator for a cooler operating, more reliable and more efficient alternator in the most demanding harsh heat operating enviroments. 

  • The AMPTECH® "COOL FLOW" heatsink has been copied but never equalled, don't settle for less.

  • AMPTECH® alternator internal leads use ultra high temperature ACRYFLEX-F acrylic coated fiberglass insulated sleeving vs. the industry standard rubber sleeving.

  • AMPTECH® Code3 and 'L' Series alternators use extra heavy duty 8 gauge multi strand high capacity copper spiral braid crossover leads vs. light duty strand or tubular braid used in competitive alternators.

  • AMPTECH® alternators use high content copper composite brushes vs. industry standard carbon brushes for superior conductivity and extended alternator life.

  • AMPTECH® alternators feature corrosion resistant Grade 8 nickel plated battery terminals bolted directly to the rectifier bridge for a no current loss connection and electrolysis reduction in harsh environments vs. industry standard compression methods.  All AMPTECH® Code3 Series alternators have dual battery terminal bolts for high amp current capacity.

  • 98.6% of AMPTECH® products are IN-STOCK every day.

  • Same day shipping for all orders received by 1:00 CST.

  • PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT.  Whether you are an OEM, manufacturer, dealer or installer, availability and reliability = PROFIT.  We have product in stock so you don't have to carry high dollar inventory.  The lowest warranty failure in the industry means that when you sell AMPTECH®, it stays sold.